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Dr. Janet Visanescu, DMD, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry provides high quality Emergency Dental Services to patients of all ages. Dr. Janet Visanescu, DMD, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has become a recommended destination for Emergency Dental Services leader. Our excellent patient support team is looking forward to serving you. For an appointment call us at (502) 222-7874.

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Our Emergency Dental Service

  • Same-Day Appointment During office Hours

  • Available 24 Hours a Day by Phone

  • Treatment for dental abscess, broken or dislodged tooth

  • Pain relief

What To Do in a Dental Emergency

If you are in pain, have an injured tooth, have lost a tooth or have a loose or missing filling or dental restoration you should call us for an emergency appointment. We want to help alleviate your discomfort and correct the problem as gently and promptly as possible.

Call us immediately. Please do not use the online form if you have an emergency. If it is during business hours, we will make every effort to work you into that day's schedule. After business hours or on the weekend, call the number listed on the answering machine and the doctor will advise you on what to do until you can be seen at the office; for best results, you should then follow all doctor's instructions.

Chipped and dislodged teeth account for the majority of all dental injuries. When a tooth's root is injured, it can become infected and die resulting in the loss of the tooth and greater complication from infection. A dental injury, even apparently mild, requires immediate examination. A timely dental exam can detect and save a damaged tooth. Early treatment can often save injured teeth. If your tooth is cracked or injured, seek immediate endodontic treatment.

An attached, but dislodged tooth may be pushed sideways, impacted into the socket or or partially pulled out of the socket. Dr. Visanescu can reposition and stabilize the tooth. Depending on the age of the patient and the extent of injury, a tooth may be fully saved, or it may require root canal treatment. If a permanent tooth has been dislodged, root canal treatment is usually needed and should begin within a few days of the injury. The teeth in children between the ages of seven and twelve years old are still developing. Dr. Visanescu can repair some damage from injury, with proper initial care and root canal treatment may be avoidable.

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